As a coach I build a game plan, then I prepare each member of the team for their role in executing that plan. But sometimes plays on either side of the ball don't go exactly as they are drawn up.  So, it is important for each member to also understand not only their responsibility, but also the strategy of the play so they can best help their teammates when things don't go as planned!

Ultimately, it takes each member of the team giving their best effort, both in preparation and performance, to become successful.

I believe communication with student-athletes during practice and on the game field is similar to communication in public service. But it is NOT a one-way street. A successful coach observes and instructs, but also needs feedback from the team to make necessary adjustments, especially when the game is on the line!

In the same way, I need to provide you with as much information and explanation about what's going on in government, and you need to provide that critical feedback about how government is affecting your home, business, and community. Together we can then develop solutions that will be successful for schools, business, families, healthcare, and every other facet of our communities.

Remember, two-way communication is the key! If you haven't yet, please sign up for my email list to receive my newsletters, surveys, legislative updates, and other important information. I look forward to hearing your opinion and feedback, too!

Thank you for considering being a part of the team!



As a volunteer, you can be as active as you wish and as your time allows! I want to put the "service" back in public service, and your local support is essential, no... CRITICAL, to my ability to serve your community successfully.

Here are just a few ideas of how you could volunteer. Whatever suits you and your time the best... it's up to you!
All support is greatly appreciated!

Yard / Highway Signs

These are a great way to show your support during election time! I put them up and take them down for you each time, so you don't have to worry about storing them unless you want to.

Events / Meetings

In a large district, time and schedule can be very precious. It helps to have a local "crew" willing to help set up chairs early or stay a little afterward to help put things away and get the lights, so I can make it to the next town hall meeting on time. I also need help putting out flyers for these events.

Social Media

This may be one of the easiest ways to volunteer a few spare moments of your time! Sharing my announcements, posts, newsletters, etc. will help distribute the communication quicker to your local area. You can also invite friends to connect with me directly on social media or to join my mailing list.

Walk and Knock

Election seasons are very intense for candidates with large geographic districts. It's a lot of area to cover! Each legislative district in Kansas is based on population, so an urban district that covers six square miles could equal a rural district like our 120th that covers six northwest Kansas counties! Having helpers that can put on a Smith For Kansas shirt and go door-to-door with information can certainly help cover a large district in a shorter amount of time.

Showcase your Community!

I love seeing local success stories! People are passionate about their communities and that dedication can be an inspiration to others! Let me help you spread the word about something incredible in your community. From new businesses to legacy businesses that have been a pillar of your community for years, from a museum or historic site to cherished community traditions, I love learning about each wonderful community in northwest Kansas and the exceptional people that live here!

Other Ideas...

~ Be my "eyes and ears" in your community
~ Pass along ideas of events and meetings to attend
~ Volunteer to help your local election office on election day!
~ Help keep voter lists up-to-date in your area
~ Attend election canvass


Any way you wish to help out is truly appreciated!

Financial Contribution

I work hard to earn a living and I know you do, too. It is out of respect for your hard-earned dollars that I feel extremely grateful for all contributions. A successful campaign does have expenses in traveling and advertising. I do my best to spend every dollar I can locally.

Your contribution of any amount is greatly appreciated!

$10 helps buy parade candy
$20 helps buy about 5 yard signs
$50 helps buy a tank of fuel
$100 helps buy radio and newspaper ads


Contribute Online

Contribute by Mail

Smith For Kansas
1970 RD 3
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Financial Contribution Rules

  • Anonymous contributions are limited to $10. Please include your name and address with any contribution over $10.

  • The maximum cash donation is $100.

  • If your contribution is in excess of $150.00, Kansas law requires we also collect your occupation and industry.

  • The maximum campaign contribution permitted by Kansas law per election cycle (primary/general) is $500 for an individual, business, corporation, partnership, trust, association, organization, or PAC.

  • A husband and wife may both contribute, and may submit one payment for the combined total.

  • Businesses, PACs and lobbyists are prohibited from contributing to a campaign fund while the Kansas Legislature is in session.

  • Individuals may contribute at any time.


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